Monday, 13 October 2014

Tablets vs. Textbooks

           Technology is advancing at an amazing rate and in many ways it is helpful but at the same time, it is bad for us too. There have been many debates whether tablets should replace textbooks in schools, and I believe that we should not replace them. There are many reasons why tablets are not as good as textbooks. The first is the effect on the kids and health concerns. Second, there will be a lot more expenses for tablets. And last, the environmental concerns that come with making and maintaining tablets.

           Numerous children around the world own tablets in their household. They are a great for entertainment and work and many schools are thinking of switching textbooks to tablets. But if they do that, the children’s eyes will get worse from staring at a screen for a long time, which will result in spending money on glasses. And if we do switch to tablets, teachers will not always be able to see what the children are doing on their tablets so a lot of kids will get distracted. But with textbooks we will not have these problems, since looking at books is not bad for your eyes and the teacher can easily tell if everyone is doing their work. So textbooks are a much better option if schools care about the student’s learning and well-being.

            Many schools think by getting textbooks, they will be saving a lot of money, and that is correct but it will only be saving money for schools. Schools will be saving money because they can just buy eBooks which are cheaper. But the parents will have to spend a lot more money for the children. They will have to buy cases and screen protectors, pay to get it fixed if it breaks, and if they do not have Wi-Fi in their house, they’ll have to get it installed.  Also tablets are more likely to be stolen than textbooks and most schools will say that it was the student’s responsibility, so the parents will be forced to buy another one. Schools should focus more on the costs that the parents will have and how some parents won’t be able to afford it.

            Countless people have the mistaken idea that tablets are more ecofriendly than textbooks. I understand that they are thinking that papers won’t be needed so trees will be saved, but they are not understanding how environmentally destructive manufacturing tablets is. Making one tablet involves the extraction of 33 pounds of minerals, 79 gallons of water, and 100 kilowatt hours of fossil fuels. This whole process 66 pounds of carbon dioxide which uses about 100 times more greenhouse gases than textbooks. Making a textbook requires 2 gallons of water and only two kilowatt hours. So now you can decide which the better option for our environment is.

            Understanding the two different views, I honestly believe that schools should stick with textbooks. Textbooks are better for the children’s health and they do not cause distractions for them. The parents will not have to be worried about money. And textbooks will not be as destructive to the environment. Therefore, textbooks should not be replaced with tablets in schools.

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  1. Very strong argument! Its very difficult to argue against your side. I definitely have to agree that textbooks are better after reading your blog. From my personal experience I have to admit tablets are very distracting and they also take more time to start. By the time the tablet starts and opens your work, you could already be doing your work in the textbook.